Brand Awareness
Digital Advertising on the many mediums of media online can be bifurcated into 2 purposes-Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. Brand Awareness is where you create, generate and conceptualize communications and creative designs to lure people into following the brand and keeping up with it. It mainly revolves around the quality and quantity of content that is created. Lead Generation, on the other hand is about bringing in the business. Be it ads on the backend
The Advertising Market of India has revolutionized over the years. When someone asks about top 10 advertising agencies in India, the list obviously will be different for all; depending upon the geography and the experience that they hold in national/international market.  As the industry grew more dynamic over the years, advertisements changed mediums. What began with print, later reached the media and now is compatible with Social Media platforms that everyone aspires to be part
Advertising in India has changed over the years. Advertising in general has taken pace over digital mediums since the last 7 or so odd years. Technology and the modern approach have always been a struggle among the Indian masses. But look how they’ve turned out in the world of today. It took time to adapt, but the wave of Digital Marketing has been rising since.  From conventional, to digital marketing has its own set of
Do you sometimes wonder how far along did Twitter come since the inception in 2006? The platform started as a content sharing platform and has evolved into something of prime importance in the fast-paced, ever-dynamic digital world of today. Today, when the world connects sitting at home, Twitter is where you get all the updates on the fast track. Twitter is becoming the fastest medium to share news, updates, trends, requests, insights, reviews and the
Now more than ever, people are holding on to happy memories of the past to cope with the uncertainties of the present. How can you as a brand make the most of this consumer insight?  Say hello to nostalgia marketing! A ray of hope for marketers, where they tap into happy memories dear to consumers and integrate them into marketing campaigns as an important part of a brand’s dialogue. This way, brands provide a meaningful