Trending formats, moment marketing, viral parody songs. What started as a fun way to interact with the audience in 2019, is now a nightmare for an advertising agency. Brands/Clients are demanding more of such “engaging content” to bag some profile interactions. But what these brands are unable to realize is the IRRELEVANCE of those moment marketings.  “Not every shoe fits every leg, not every hat fits every head, and not every trending format fits every
Designing a brochure can be both exciting and challenging for a graphic designer. A well-designed brochure makes sure that you leave a lasting impression on your readers. The powers of a high-quality brochure are manifold: it can educate the readers, convey credibility and authority of the company, increase the target audience, and persuade consumers to take action. To translate these ideas into design, you should be well versed with the process. Let’s take a look
Here, we have the second part of brand identity design. Continuing the previous article, we are going to go further deep into the brand building process where design plays a major role. Brand personality Your clients and customers are looking for an experience tailored to their needs. So, back your design with genuine personal interaction. Without over-thinking, you can use the chart below and place a dot closest to where you think the brand personality
With a meteoric rise of digital platforms in India, citizens have been blessed with the boons of modern technology. Unfortunately, some disturbing developments have also taken place with the rampant spread of fake news and pornographic content on social media, and sexually explicit content on OTT platforms.  To address the growing concerns surrounding lack of digital transparency and accountability, the government recently came out with a code of ethics for digital intermediaries under the Information
Brand identity shapes the success of a business. It is how customers perceive your brand. The different aspects of a brand identity such as design, content, and value, drive the target audience towards the ultimate business goal. But where to start from?  Out of the five senses of humans, sight is the one where you can start attracting customers. People first see and then react to what they see. Hence, the brand identity design becomes