Celebrity or Narrative: Who/What Brings the Luck?

Celebrity or narrative Which one plays a more pivotal role in an

Celebrity or Narrative: Who/What Brings the Luck?

Okay, this one is a tricky question and the answers can harm those who are seeking a diplomatic response.

Ever heard the term, “Content is the KING”? Well, I wonder, why is this even a question? This statement is not some kind of a joke & the world isn’t just mad saying it again & again & again.

We might have thought people were wrong when they said, “After the 10th grade, life’s a smooth ride”, but hey! People are right sometimes and this is that time!

Content by far is the longest-ruling king the world has ever vouched on. Not even Parle G gave so much validation to the letter ‘G’ as much as this king got– for all the right reasons tbh! The world literally thrives on good narratives and good content.

People love to see more of what they like, what makes them feel an emotion; be it happiness, sadness, anger, contentment, resilience, love, or even fear. And now they also like to feel challenged, questioned while sometimes remain clueless if they watched or heard something that surpassed their capacity to understand. They want something that plays with their minds and provokes their thoughts. If you can manage to tease, you can manage to win; the scenarios are different though.

But it’s not as simple as we think or should I say, it’s rather complex. People really love to have their feelings rushing but their brain interferes a lot, I tell you! While delivering a speech, finishing an act or shooting a reel, what a person in the spotlight fears the most is ‘Will they like it?’ factor. No matter how good a movie, direction, or script is, in the end, a viewer’s opinion becomes the whole & soul of the success or failure of a content piece.

No amount of intelligence, hard work, and skills comes in front of how a viewer feels when he or she sees your content. But what are their feelings, their thinking patterns and their choices governed by in the first place? It’s relatability (that evokes emotions), empathy (they suffered what you did & so you feel it), intellect (if you can’t understand it in the 1st go, it has blown your mind) & logic (horror is supposed to make you scream).

Their appreciation comes from how the video, story or text makes them feel. These feelings again get delusional by a known, favourite or popular face but do they remember the narrative & praise it or go back to a piece of art just for that face?

Does a celebrity’s presence decide whether an ad campaign is good or bad? I don’t think so! The world has turned into a smarter place. I guess…

Here are a few examples.

Did you like these ads? You might have. If not all, then definitely some.

Do they have the face of a celebrity? Some do. Do they have a relatable, quirky, thoughtful or logical narrative? Oh yes! But! Would you come and say this is what you chose to be the best ad campaign just because it had Amitabh Bachchan, Pooja Hegde or Rajat Darmecha in it?

Please don’t kid me. Even a famous face can’t save a bad story (Wink, wink!) today.

And by the way, you’re free to make a list of celebrity-studded bad narratives. You might just have to flip the page to add to the list.

That’s it from us at Rioconn. Also, we weave some amazing narratives. With or without a known face is for you and your accountant/ CFO to decide.

Shivangi Makhija
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