We are a Branding
company focused on
the growth of

Growth is all about
taking right decisions
and so is Branding.
When done right,
Branding fuels Growth.

We’re Not About Superficial Makeovers

– often heard in rioconn

Take one good look at us, we may not seem any different; but once you partner with us, we make all the difference. Rioconn thrives in diversity and harbours expertise that can radically outthink what the others haven’t even begun to conceptualise.

If it’s noise you want, yes we’ll make it, but with nuance. Because we firmly believe that sound is nothing without substance. So we can work on an open brief, but never with a closed mind. For it’s through our creative & concise ideas fused with artistic & articulate designs that we establish the exception and defy the dull.

These beliefs we’ve gathered in a decade of traversing countless terrains to become what we are now- a bit more mature, a bit more wise. This maturity beckoned a change, and so we did.

life at rio


To be celebrated as an agency of colossal creativity, future-proof innovations and time-transforming ideas, working humbly to make stories that matter, matter.


To deliver results for our clients through ‘Smart Interactions’ with digitally connected consumers.

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life at rio

THE PUSH provokes progress

It all started with a rectangle, the fundamental shape where each side is a reflection of the other. It’s like an agency-client partnership, where whatever the client needs, is reflected in the agency’s work. That is the conventional order of things as they were.

But we were not convinced. There had to be something more.


The atomic, subatomic and galactic force of creation – from the big bang to the birth of a child, The Push is all it takes, and all that it needs. It’s the ebb and flow, the alpha and omega, the holistic system of systems that

Decimates The Rigid

Propels The Immovable

& Transforms The Immutable

into one vast and immane, inexorable, interwoven, interacting, multivariate dominion of ideas. Ideas that are pushed by insights and informed by inquiry and investigation.

Our Creative Grey Matter

When at work, our leaders… mentors to be precise, are abundantly endowed with perspicacity. They ask the right questions, the answers to which lead us in the right direction. Our team like a bunch of infant apes, is amazing in its curiosity; never satisfied with status quo, ever tinkering to gain fresh insights. The team thrives safely in an environment of absolute safety and freedom of experimentation.


Hemaang Gandhi

Founder & CEO

Hemaang has been a part of the advertising industry since 13 years at a stretch, no breaks! He is an innovation-enthusiast and has proved his prowess time and again. The entire team looks up to his extravagant experience, his go-getter attitude and his quest for learning something new every day. He is the entire team’s go-to person if there is a new idea that needs materialization.

sagar - About us

Sagar Arya

Agency Head

Sagar personifies the phrase “calm waters run deep”. He usually looks calm but deep inside, there is a volcano of ideas waiting to erupt. He just needs to know the client’s demand and he efficiently sprints towards a plethora of ideas to choose from!