This world is a Pool of Brands. Not a pool, but an Ocean; a big Ocean of 500,000 Brands according to Nielsen Media Research. Interestingly, there are some brands that are at the epitome of prominence and trademark, so preferred that the brand name have replaced the product they actually offer! One such name is Cadbury. Who hasn’t heard about Cadbury? We bet you have, right? Indian Market & Indian customers have a big place
IPL - A Festival for Brands
The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a men’s 20-20 cricket league wherein ten different teams from ten different cities/states of India compete with each other. This league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. Even though IPL is an Indian league, it is a Global Phenomenon. People from all over the world enjoy the festival of IPL and when we say that it is a festival, we mean
The preferential treatment of language in digital advertisement
Every brand has an intangible face…a winning strategy of omnichannel presence. Yet in today’s world, every brand chooses an ideal digital platform to communicate with their audience. The evolution of digital presence has undoubtedly helped thriving business feeds on generating engagement. One of the prominent ways they choose is through social media platforms. Not to forget the massive digital network that has transformed communication for the world. The evolution of the internet has turned out
Is it 2022? Is it still happening? How long is it going to continue? Will humankind be able to come out of it? There is only one answer to many more such questions and it is- “Patience”. Just about a month ago, we were so poised and bullish about our 2022 business plans but this sudden bump has put things on hold for many. The silver lining is that we are better prepared to handle
How quickly has the year passed! And yet, some memories of 2021 seem too distant. Well, at least this mixed bag of a year is finally over. Up until now, we were in the pursuit of peace, health and wealth (in that order), it seems we can expect a lot of surprises from 2022, starting with #Omnicron. Although the exponentially rising infections are a cause for worry, the most hopeful news has been that it