8 Influencer Marketing KPIs to Track for Success in 2024
In the fast-moving world of online marketing, where things change quickly, using influencers has become a really strong strategy. Brands want real connections with their audience, and working with influencers is very important for that. In this article, we’ll talk about the important things to keep an eye on to make sure your influencer marketing campaign is doing well in 2024. Here at Rioconn, we know how important it is to be on top of
Celebrity or narrative Which one plays a more pivotal role in an
Okay, this one is a tricky question and the answers can harm those who are seeking a diplomatic response. Ever heard the term, “Content is the KING”? Well, I wonder, why is this even a question? This statement is not some kind of a joke & the world isn’t just mad saying it again & again & again. We might have thought people were wrong when they said, “After the 10th grade, life’s a smooth
Creative business team brainstorming and ideating for innovative projects. Generative AI
Let’s address the elephant in the room, ‘Strategy’. The ubiquitous buzzword of the advertising and marketing universe. Everyone wants the ‘STRATEGY’, everyone wants to talk about strategy, everyone wants to form the strategy, everyone wants to go ahead with the strategy, everyone is blaming the strategy, everyone is admiring the strategy, and everything is just about STRATEGY. Once a word synonymous with careful planning, rigorous research, and consciously planned actions, it now seems to be
Relevant, irrelevant; I tell you these terms have created havoc since they have resurfaced with the Gen-Z. They’ve been adding quite a lot to the dictionary these days. Terms like cancel culture, slay, delulu, rizz and so many more have made their way to the millennials. And mind you, there’s a lot more floating around which will have to be accepted sooner or later. With terms that defy a current generation, or a rather specific
Are we underestimating the power of Influencer Partnerships in B2B marketing
Within the constantly changing world of business-to-business marketing, where data is king and spreadsheets dance, there is a subtle revolution gaining traction: influencer partnerships. Although influencers are well-known for their beautiful appearances promoting the newest cosmetic product or showing off far-flung trip places, the business-to-business (B2B) sector has been slow to adopt this kind of marketing. But what if we’re missing out on a goldmine of untapped potential? Remember the time when Mircosoft collaborated with