Is it 2022? Is it still happening? How long is it going to continue? Will humankind be able to come out of it? There is only one answer to many more such questions and it is- “Patience”. Just about a month ago, we were so poised and bullish about our 2022 business plans but this sudden bump has put things on hold for many. The silver lining is that we are better prepared to handle
How quickly has the year passed! And yet, some memories of 2021 seem too distant. Well, at least this mixed bag of a year is finally over. Up until now, we were in the pursuit of peace, health and wealth (in that order), it seems we can expect a lot of surprises from 2022, starting with #Omnicron. Although the exponentially rising infections are a cause for worry, the most hopeful news has been that it
how to work with holistic approach
How do you think an ideal agency should function? In just one direction? With just a couple of tricks up their sleeves? Like freelancers? No. The real answer is quite simple. Simpler than you could imagine. Alright, here it is (are you ready to get your minds blown?). Work with a holistic approach. It’s that simple. Now, the process sounds lengthy but with the right resources, it’s quite an achievable target. The next part is
Brand Awareness
Digital Advertising on the many mediums of media online can be bifurcated into 2 purposes-Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. Brand Awareness is where you create, generate and conceptualize communications and creative designs to lure people into following the brand and keeping up with it. It mainly revolves around the quality and quantity of content that is created. Lead Generation, on the other hand is about bringing in the business. Be it ads on the backend
The Advertising Market of India has revolutionized over the years. When someone asks about top 10 advertising agencies in India, the list obviously will be different for all; depending upon the geography and the experience that they hold in national/international market.  As the industry grew more dynamic over the years, advertisements changed mediums. What began with print, later reached the media and now is compatible with Social Media platforms that everyone aspires to be part