Is Strategy becoming a loose word that is being thrown around like tantrums?

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Is Strategy becoming a loose word that is being thrown around like tantrums?

Let’s address the elephant in the room, ‘Strategy’.

The ubiquitous buzzword of the advertising and marketing universe. Everyone wants the ‘STRATEGY’, everyone wants to talk about strategy, everyone wants to form the strategy, everyone wants to go ahead with the strategy, everyone is blaming the strategy, everyone is admiring the strategy, and everything is just about STRATEGY.

Once a word synonymous with careful planning, rigorous research, and consciously planned actions, it now seems to be thrown around with the same carelessness and casualness as a child’s tantrum. In the great theatre of corporates, the term strategy has taken centre stage trying to make the boardroom meetings more sophisticated.

In the not-so-distant past, strategy as a term used to carry knowledge, objectives, facts, observations, insights, and much more. Fast forward to today, the term strategy is now has become a jargon to be thrown, when an individual wants to sound intellectual.

Today the essence of strategy as a term has been reduced to pandemonium. Multiple people talking about multiple strategies, nonetheless let’s talk about the ins and outs of strategies. In simple terms, strategy is a set of interrelated and powerful choices backed by research and facts that enables organizations, brands, industries, nations, and even individuals to thrive and walk towards success and their desired goals. It is a blueprint that is curated by keeping each and every dimension in mind to fulfil objectives and eradicate inefficiencies.

Talking about brands and advertising strategy plays an important role. Brands are ‘the brands’ because of strategy, the strategy that has been made by doing actual research about consumer behaviour, target groups, market etc, and then experts carefully curate communication lines to create ‘THE BRAND’.

The strategy runs deeper into the veins of brands, from carefully crafting the brand persona, writing a tagline, designing a logo, forming a vision, positioning statement, value proposition, and curating campaigns to the creation of the ultimate brand. Today, unfortunately, everyone is forgetting the true essence of the term strategy, and using it like, ‘Oh, I had a strategy for breakfast in the morning’.

People, please stop using Strategy as jargon, strategy is a thoughtful analysis of market dynamics, competitors, consumers, their buying behaviour, multiple emotional insights, and rigorous research. STRATEGY is a powerful word, and its power lies in thoughtfulness, research and precision.

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Vidhi Verma
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