In Search Of A Trending Format, We Are Losing Original Content

In Search Of A Trending Format, We Are Losing Original Content

Trending formats, moment marketing, viral parody songs. What started as a fun way to interact with the audience in 2019, is now a nightmare for an advertising agency. Brands/Clients are demanding more of such “engaging content” to bag some profile interactions. But what these brands are unable to realize is the IRRELEVANCE of those moment marketings. 

“Not every shoe fits every leg, not every hat fits every head, and not every trending format fits every brand.”

Before jumping into the viral format bandwagon, it is really (really, REALLY) important to think of a brand as an individual with a personality. As Rachel said, what if your brand doesn’t want to be a shoe or a hat? Will you ruin the brand reputation just to fit in someone else’s shoes? 

Think about these questions before catching the viral fever, “What are my brand’s behavioral characteristics (brand tone & voice)? Is my brand traditional, warm, and full of life? Or modern, relatable, and funny?” Trust us, it will help you refine your brand’s SM goals.

Most of the trending formats we see flying on Twitter are either sarcastic, humorous, or meaningless. (Remember, Binod?) And if that format doesn’t fit your brand guidelines or personality traits, ditch it. There will be plenty of fish in the sea. 

It’s really important to stick to the brand value while communicating a single message. The message should not only resonate with the audience but also needs to connect with the core services of the brand. We at, Rioconn Interactive Pvt. Ltd., one of the top advertising agencies in Ahmedabad,  believe in original and insightful content. If you feel the same way, then we are a match made in heaven. For more insightful content like this, subscribe to our monthly newsletter. (Don’t worry, we only spam consumers, not clients 😉

By : Dewangi G

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