The advertising world is forever unfolding and adapting. It is not changing but with the thought of playing it safe. However, it depends on the brand as well. Gen-Z has entered the market and HOW! 

Advertising agencies have come a long way from hoardings to reels. But there is ample moulding that the advertisers had to go through in between. To understand the bedrock of moulding content for Gen-z, one needs to get deep into what they really want to engage with. Let’s discuss it!

So, how are advertisers moulding their content to relate with Gen-z?

It is undeniably evident that the souls of Gen-z yearn to immerse themselves in content that resonates deeply, with words that weave tapestries of reliability & vulnerability. As the next-gen found joy in the art of video expression on social media, a profound shift occurred by bringing reels on Instagram. Advertisers, awakened to its captivating power, swiftly harnessed the allure of video content, intertwining their brand stories with the mesmerizing narratives created by these emerging talents. Slowly and steadily everything became reel-related. Every other brand wanted to showcase their product on the reels to get more traction from the gen-z. 

What Gen-z really seeks is content that connects – a relatability that flows effortlessly, unencumbered by social divisions, embraces diverse perspectives, and exudes both aesthetic appeal and genuine authenticity. They crave the connection that fosters inclusivity, shunning any form of shame, and instead celebrate the beauty of simplicity while resonating deeply with their hearts. 

Embrace kindness and you’re good to go!

Across various mediums like ads, films, and podcasts, a new era has dawned – one that embraces generosity by wholeheartedly accepting diverse tastes and perspectives. Gen-z encapsulates this sentiment with a resounding belief: “If someone finds joy in their pursuits, it is not our place to shame them.” As the old paradigm evolves, a fresh understanding emerges, one that harmonizes with the next gen’s perception of emotions, individuals, and the world at large. In a much simpler way, they care more to be cared for. 

Shape content to connect!

Gen-z says a big no–no to generic & cliched content. They don’t wish to consume content that would do no good to them or in general. They want to see the brands to slow down and not rush into the future, a common mistake that brands usually make. The bold take or a sarcastic tone does wonders to grab their attention. Something that is beautiful in its own way never goes unnoticed even if the product is not boasted.  

All about people!

Gen-z loves people.

When showcasing “real” people with their flaws and rawness, gen-z resonates with it. Throughout history, advertisements and films have often depicted unrealistic bodies and imposed strict standards, particularly for women, while disregarding diverse genders. However, in the 21st century, people have gradually become more accepting and embracing these differences. Consequently, content creators have become more considerate and supportive, reflecting the changing attitudes of the next generation. This shift is an absolute win-win for advertisers to connect with the Gen-Z. 

Adding personal notes from fellow Gen-zs:

Look into what we feel, not what you want to make us feel. 

The content has to be lighthearted and not too heavy on the heart. 

Don’t throw your product on our faces. Keep it subtle, maybe?

Aesthetic, simple, & to the point. 

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your product. 

Funky, quirky, & brave.

Own it. However, it is.

Tanvi Wadhar
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