Overcoming Omicron – A Guide To Help Your Business Digitally


Overcoming Omicron – A Guide To Help Your Business Digitally

Is it 2022?

Is it still happening?

How long is it going to continue?

Will humankind be able to come out of it?

There is only one answer to many more such questions and it is- “Patience”.

Just about a month ago, we were so poised and bullish about our 2022 business plans but this sudden bump has put things on hold for many. The silver lining is that we are better prepared to handle the wave due to the tragic mortality rate in the last surge. This time we are determined for history to not repeat itself and it shows in 150 Cr single or double dose vaccination. Almost 70% of the population has been administered the first dose.

The impact of vaccination, as well as the comparatively lower severity of Omicron, would likely result in a less tragic situation. But that doesn’t mean we lower our guard, otherwise, we might end up endangering our at-risk population with an overall higher case incidence than the last surge. However, if we maintain caution, we’ll not only get through but also become immune to COVID as it gradually becomes a part of our life.

Is Omicron a challenge to your business?

Yes, if you are still heavily dependent on footfall and have not taken adequate steps after the first and second surge of COVID to overcome those pitfalls. Also, businesses that especially rely on experiential engagement involving touch, use or feel of the product will also be affected.

Impact of Omicron on footfall-sensitive business?

Compared to others, the impact will stay longer on footfall-sensitive businesses. This is in line with the past observations. However, since people are becoming more habituated to Covid19 and its strains are getting milder, it is highly likely that Omicron’s impact would be comparatively lesser. Once the peak is achieved and cases start reducing, footfalls will automatically start improving at the malls, multiplexes, and hi-street areas.

How to deal with the Omicron challenge digitally?

Despite a likelihood of minimum adverse impact, it is prudent to take measures that safeguard your business. The best way forward is to plan your marketing activities & spend as per the 3 phases of Omicron

Phase 1 – Sympathize; stay in your TG’s social feeds with the right message as a socially responsible brand.

Phase 2 – Engage; somewhere around the peak when the TG is more or less working from home, give them the content that can increase your engagement. Ask your TG some amusing or funny questions about your brand, give them prizes from your product kitty.

Phase 3 – Build. In the post-peak phase, where people are experiencing some relief from the COVID and subsequent restrictions, the time is right to talk out loud about the brand or product. Creatively remind people about the benefits of your brand or product and the possibilities of procurement through online means.

This phased methodology will help you earn a place at the top of your TG’s mind even during a testing time. And the value of top-of-mind awareness is very clear; if you’re the first brand people think of, it makes your marketing efforts a lot more effective.

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

By : Hemaang Gandhi

Hemaang Gandhi
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