Why Brands Still Prefer The Creative Agency Approach To Identity Design

Why Brands Still Prefer The Creative Agency Approach To Identity Design

Rioconn Interactive is Ahmedabad’s leading advertising and branding agency, we tell stories with visuals and words. We function on the base of effective communication and simplified advertising. We critically brainstorm artistic ideas and deliver high-quality services with rapidness in action. 

Identity Design:

Any individual’s mind processes a logo far more intricately than a hypermarket scanner reads a barcode. Whenever our mind sees the logo, it triggers memories associated with the brand. Rioconn’s approach for identity design is focused on consistency, consistency not only for the logo design but for each and every element associated with it. One of the important elements is colour which is just not the element but a feeling by itself. Our Identity Design team makes sure that when one sees a brand or its product they must feel uplifted. Hence in identity design, just logo design is not crucial but creating a system of delight and persuasion is important which is very rare for the audience to ignore. While rejuvenating the brands we ensure to energise it’s touch points, and set the tone and tenor for how it behaves. Hence logo design or identity design is merely not design but a brand experience which evokes multi-sensorial triggers that are consistent throughout at the same time team ensures simplicity and elegance which is the smartest and the quickest way to the human mind. 

By creating flawless brand architecture, we establish a clear niche and demarcation in brand’s offerings. Through logic and emotions we ensure that the brand architecture. Some of the most popular identity designs (Logo Designs) by team Rioconn are  Nationally renowned private design institute UID (Typography), Volansys Technologies, Saanvi Nirman (Real estate Brand), Disha (Ethnicwear Brand), MTLL (Processing House), Stylory (Modular Kitchen Manufacturer), Neighbourhood Motors (Class AA – Hyundai Service Station) and many more.

A business without a brand cannot be successful, just like that brand guidelines are vital for the survival and success of a brand. It helps you to define how the brand elements are to be used and guide the rules on how a business speaks with the audience. It is equally useful and important in the scenario of rebranding in future as you don’t have to lay down every single rule again and again. 

Some of the most popular brands like Shalby Hospitals, Ganesh Housing & Pramukh Group have not only used our services for identity and logo design but also for developing brand guidelines so as to maintain consistency in communication and experience to its audiences.

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Hemaang Gandhi  – Founder & CEO, Rioconn Interactive , Mar, 2020

An astute marketing & communication professional, Entrepreneur, StoryTeller and Mentor  with over 18 years of experience, hemaang loves writing & expressing his opinion on various topics. Apart from writing some of his hobbies include reading, running marathons and driving long distances and meeting new people.  

Hemaang Gandhi
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