Say Hello To Nostalgia Marketing!

Say Hello To Nostalgia Marketing!

Now more than ever, people are holding on to happy memories of the past to cope with the uncertainties of the present. How can you as a brand make the most of this consumer insight? 

Say hello to nostalgia marketing! A ray of hope for marketers, where they tap into happy memories dear to consumers and integrate them into marketing campaigns as an important part of a brand’s dialogue. This way, brands provide a meaningful emotional connection to consumers when they most need it! 

A brand for whom nostalgia marketing worked like magic has been Paperboat. Their entire USP was based on how they presented your favourite ethnic drinks from childhood in a new and exciting avatar. And we all know what a success that has been!

At Rioconn Interactive Private Limited, Ahmedabad’s reputed advertising agency, we seamlessly integrated nostalgia marketing into a DVC for our real estate client, Shilp Group. In a commercial titled, ‘Sambhalna Zaroori Hai, Rukna Nahi’ (link: set in 2025,  the protagonist is shown recalling the pandemic gone by. Despite the challenging situation of the past, he chose to buy his dream home then and is seen enjoying the fruit of his investment in the future. Audiences found this content to be very relatable, which increased engagement for the brand and did wonders for us as an agency.

Before you make nostalgia marketing an important part of your brand strategy, understand your target audience thoroughly. If you are designing products for a 12 year old, nostalgia marketing wouldn’t work because their bank of experiences is not so rich and diverse as that of adults. 

On the other hand, if you are a veteran brand like Saregama, a nostalgic product like Caravaan radio would work wonders for you. Choose your TG smartly like Saregama did. They targeted a 40+ audience and understood that the TG struggles to adopt new technology for listening to their favourite songs. Guess who came to the rescue: Caravaan! 

More than ever, nostalgia marketing is a useful tool today because people miss sharing human connections that they took for granted pre-pandemic. You end up building a digital community which shares joy and a sense of togetherness. It also saves extra expense as you are working on an existing intellectual asset, instead of developing a new one. Now that folks, is a huge plus point! 

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By : Dhruvy Raval

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