Maturity Beckons Change, So We Did


Maturity Beckons Change, So We Did

Maturity Beckons Change, So We Did

Recently, we celebrated Rioconn’s 10th Anniversary!

Yes, it’s been 10 years of an idea which was cultivated into a passion and the rest is history!

Colossal numbers of well-wishers called up, received many messages and flowers too!

However, there is something different about this anniversary from earlier ones. Of course, a decade of creativity is a significant difference, but the more important one is that we meditated on our brand positioning and decided to give it a complete turnaround.

But first I wish to say that some of you really asked me a few thought-provoking questions. And I’ll answer one of them today.

Here is an interesting one-

Considering our current speed of growth – what difference would we have created by adding or reducing 50% aggression?

My immediate response to this was for producing good advertising do you really care for aggression?

However, when I pondered upon the question with more seriousness, I realized that if I ever become satisfied with my growth I’ll become stagnant. So thinking of being less aggressive is out of the question and quite frankly, redundant. The world is propelled by change and change is achieved by the ones who are hungry to challenge the status quo.

And the secret is, to be always hungry.

So I want to be propelled by the quality of my hunger not its quantity.

Now all that is left for me to do is to pursue uncompromisingly better quality, with myself and from those I surround myself with.

What we needed was a metamorphosis!

I am a firm believer that superficial makeovers do not last long. Hence while thinking of the transformation, we also thought of why and what will it signify and how we as an organization will take it? And how my team members will follow it in their routine at Rioconn.

So here is the story behind it: the new identity came up due to a tectonic shift in our ideology and the way we are pushing the boundaries of BOLD advertising, inspired by the people who will take up the mantle of this change. The things that will not change in Rioconn is our Commitment and Transparency.


It all started with a rectangle, the fundamental shape where each side is a reflection of the other. It’s like an agency-client partnership, where whatever the client needs, is reflected in the agency’s work. That is the conventional order of things as they are! But we are not convinced. There has to be something more. As it turns out, all it needed was a little push that transmuted this rectangle into what it is now-


The push provokes Progress

Decimates The Rigid

Propels The Immovable

& Transforms The Immutable

It is the atomic, subatomic and galactic force of creation – from the big bang to the birth of a child, The Push is all it takes and all that it needs. It’s the ebb and flows, the alpha and omega, the holistic system of systems that into one vast and immense, inexorable, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, the dominion of ideas.

Ideas that are pushed by insights and informed by inquiry and investigation.

In conclusion, I can boldly say that I am proud of our legacy, and collectively, we’re in pursuit of bolder and better ideas that will resonate with the world in the time to come.

Be the witness, with us!

By : Hemaang Gandhi

Hemaang Gandhi
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