There’s Always Something New with Twitter

There’s Always Something New with Twitter

Do you sometimes wonder how far along did Twitter come since the inception in 2006? The platform started as a content sharing platform and has evolved into something of prime importance in the fast-paced, ever-dynamic digital world of today.

Today, when the world connects sitting at home, Twitter is where you get all the updates on the fast track. Twitter is becoming the fastest medium to share news, updates, trends, requests, insights, reviews and the humour that we all love to have a look at. 

While content sharing is one of the prime reasons why 192 Million visitors visit Twitter every day, it is also an Advertising Platform. And the various functionalities that Twitter offers is an absolute carnival. Back in the day when sharing on the platform was limited to 120 characters, there were various obstructions. Since they increased the character limit to 240, both users and brands sighed in relief. All the professionals working at a Digital Marketing Agency, across the world, finally saw a breakthrough with the increase in the number of characters. 

Twitter relentlessly came up with different offerings on the platform to capitalize on. These functionalities are both user-friendly and coming of age as they allow the users to share real-time content via Audio-Visuals and Speech. Just like Snapchat and Instagram had the Stories, Twitter came up with a 24 hour-lasting Audio-Visual sharing feature called Fleet. Right from day 1, Twitter saw the users exploit this feature and it quickly became an extra offering that every Digital Marketing Agency provided. 

In late 2020, Twitter came up with yet another feature called Spaces. With this, they introduced live audio conversations on the platform. To put it simply- one person goes live with audio and others can tune in to listen to them and react with emojis.

Digital Marketing Agencies that offer Twitter Management and Twitter Advertising saw many possibilities open up after the new features of Twitter were launched. Twitter keeps on surprising its users from time to time with little surprises. Makes you wonder about what could be next?! Well, we don’t know. But believe us, we’ll be the first to let you know once we find out.

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By : Shrijay Parikh

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