The Front-Back End Roulette

Brand Awareness

The Front-Back End Roulette

Digital Advertising on the many mediums of media online can be bifurcated into 2 purposes-Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. Brand Awareness is where you create, generate and conceptualize communications and creative designs to lure people into following the brand and keeping up with it. It mainly revolves around the quality and quantity of content that is created. Lead Generation, on the other hand is about bringing in the business. Be it ads on the backend or lead generation campaigns, it is all meant to SELL a service or a product.

These two aforementioned verticals are managed on different fronts of execution. Awareness is a part of the front-end processes, while ads and lead generations are a part of the back-end processes. A complete 360 approach is what brings you the results that you have expected or looked forward to.

Now, the latter part- Lead Generation is where funds and money play a pivotal role. But that never means that you’ll have to spend exorbitant amounts to get results. It’s always about how you strategize.

The common myth of online advertising is that it soaks up a lot of funds; which is absolutely untrue, given that you understand how to manage the expenditure. For example, if the targeting is more precise and the relevance of your audience matches the relevance of the brand, then the results are automatically refined and hold a better value as compared to bogus leads that can be generated, well, in any way.

With an ideal strategy, tailor-made approach and relevant targeting the cost of leads can go lower. Planning and strategizing to take an approach beyond the regular can keep your lead cost below ₹150. The obvious question then, is why spend more on a lead that you can get for cheaper?

If you can’t find an answer for that question, maybe our digital team can help you out. Get all your questions answered first, and then take an all-new approach for better results. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

By : Shrijay Parikh

Shrijay Parikh
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