A Smaller Agency Number Builds A Greater Brand


A Smaller Agency Number Builds A Greater Brand

This world is a Pool of Brands. Not a pool, but an Ocean; a big Ocean of 500,000 Brands according to Nielsen Media Research.

Interestingly, there are some brands that are at the epitome of prominence and trademark, so preferred that the brand name have replaced the product they actually offer! One such name is Cadbury. Who hasn’t heard about Cadbury? We bet you have, right?

Indian Market & Indian customers have a big place for Cadbury in their hearts so when they hear ‘Chocolate’, they understand ‘Cadbury’ before anything else.

But this hasn’t been an overnight preference for people, rather decades of perseverance and passion have made it happen. Over the years, the products they deliver have evolved in quality. Along with it, the addition of an array of products, multiple collaborations, and being what we call the OG of its domain, has helped Cadbury stay at the top of its game of achieving loyal customers & lasting impression in the minds of the people. But along with Cadbury, there is the power of advertising, branding, and marketing that gives that accelerator to the decisions they have made to come up. 

To what we know as a brand, it is a confectionery company that has refused to settle for sales numbers and has rather created a name that reaches even the remotest of the locations in the world, all thanks to their association with a single agency for years.

That’s true. Associating with one branding agency for a longer period of time has always been in the favour of creating a Brand and not just another Sales-Seeking Company. The big names of today have realized the power of ‘Tinka-Tinka bhare sagar’ and have given the patience to both the branding/advertising agency and the brand need to swim in what we call the Ocean.

Interestingly, when a lot of brands change their advertising agencies at the snap of their fingers, what they end up with in the end is a half-cooked, confused brand not doing any good for the customers. 

Here are some reasons that state why you should not change agencies frequently:

  1. Each agency brings its own perspective to your brand because naturally, different mindsets, different approaches and therefore, a new way.
  2. With the intention of proving its creative mettle, any new agency that associates with your brand challenges the disassociated agency’s decisions made for the brand.
  3. With multiple brand associations & disassociations, the positioning and the positioning statement might get misaligned a little each time, because a new approach will always try to establish its ideology with your brand.
  4. Too much time is wasted trying to understand, collaborate, and collect/manage data all over again. Along with this, a new agency might give its hands-on research making the process redundant. 
  5. Multiple hands spoil the process of creating a brand because they might end up giving their own personality to the brand, making it a deal of confusion for the people working for it.
  6. Building a brand takes time. And when the desire of hasty success makes you change agencies frequently, you may end up making monetary profits for sure but not a name, A BRAND the world remembers.
  7. More than ever, it is a deal of losses of all kinds; may it be of fiances, relationships, reputation, or the brand’s status.

On the contrary, we have always tried to maintain a long-term relationship with our brands and it has been a smooth journey with conundrums that only made us both grow, not lose anything.

The brands that have associated with us for a good time have all their points clear. Considering the growth they’ve experienced, it would be difficult in case of multiple handling of agencies.

To sum up all that they have to say about being with one agency/Rioconn for long-term:

  1. The match with the need, deadlines, and understanding of the brand commended the journey to years of service, some even for more than a decade & still going strong.
  2. More than understanding the need, educating the brand, and exceeding the expectations made the voyage count for both the brand and Rioconn.
  3. The attitude towards the brand and the proactive approach to everything keeps them going and when great results come out, they are an additional star to the constellation.
  4. The experiences of the past made Rioconn a concrete name in the Advertising agency and that fuels the adventure.
  5. Personal reputation and relations made it happen but the efforts, ability, experience, versatile ideas, and treating their business as our own keeps it going.

So when we say it’s not a one night game, we believe it. More than the belief, we have experienced it.

When a brand is built, all it requires is time & effort without which, it is not a profitable deal. The world is moving at a ferocious pace & all the businesses are trying to relate to each other’s speed by exceeding it. The fast-paced competition makes it dreadful sometimes but with the right approach, agency, and people, topping the charts of name, fame and profits isn’t difficult. What’s difficult however is keeping it with one with all the diligence you have. 

You might lose if you are not charged to endure the journey, overcome the differences, and come on the same page with one agency. But taking it as a cumulative series of efforts with the right agency behind you, you will reach the top. And by top we mean on cloud 9 (pun intended). 

Shivangi Makhija
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