D&C Meghdhanush

About This Project

We were tasked to create a brochure that could depict the epitome of luxury and the thoughtful sustainability of Meghdhanush, the latest luxury apartment by our client D&C Developers. The concept of highlighting the different colors of life was derived from the name of the project itself, which means rainbow. It was imperative that the appeal of the concept and the sustainable design of Meghdhanush had to be reflected in the execution. So the entire artwork for the brochure concept was hand-painted with watercolors to directly connect it with natural elements and to give it a sophisticated look that only a handmade work of art can do. Not to mention, watercolor is by far the most difficult medium to work with due to its consistency, with minimal chance of rectifying the mistakes. Also its the only medium where one has to work from light to dark tone. So it was immensely satisfying to see that the final outcome turned out exactly how it was conceptualized.