About This Project

Purveyors of rare and exclusive jewels Samarth Group created a top-of-the-line, boutique brand called Finnati that crafts bespoke jewelry for an exclusive clientele. Their designs are made just once, for the client, never to be repeated again. And in the face of such rarity, our brochure had to stand out amidst the cacophony of grandiose designs that leave much to be desired.

What we crafted was a sublime opus of copy & design choreographed not just to communicate but to deliver a stunning experience. It etched the story of exclusivity and meticulous precision, that requires the zenith of craftsmanship to source & design a rare diamond in the spitting image of the one who adorns it. A fable of hands that made it extraordinary to the excellence that was honed for decades, this brochure was made to be felt, just like its jewelry.