IPL – A Festival for Brands

IPL - A Festival for Brands

IPL – A Festival for Brands

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a men’s 20-20 cricket league wherein ten different teams from ten different cities/states of India compete with each other. This league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. Even though IPL is an Indian league, it is a Global Phenomenon. People from all over the world enjoy the festival of IPL and when we say that it is a festival, we mean it.On the other hand, post-COVID the advertising industry has moved to the digital platforms a bit dramatically yet the level of creativity that brands are adapting into their advertising strategies is unimaginable for digital and television as well. The integration of ads with IPL was an absolute boon for brands, sports as an industry & IPL fans also. Interestingly, sponsors are also not far behind in hammering their brands frequently with the usage of catchy lingo. Here are a few examples of how brands hammer their names in viewers’ minds through IPL, be it print, television, or digital platforms.
  • Upgrad Cracking SIX
  • Rupay on the go FOUR
  • Cred Powerplay
  • Aramco Orange Cap
  • Aramco Purple Cap
  • Dream 11 Fantasy Player Of The Match

‘Smoother the integration, Better the outcome’ is an absolute mantra when you target to associate your brand with any venture. Brands sponsoring the IPL have been a revolution in advertising, IPL is not just about cricket anymore. It has become a wholesome celebration of sports, entertainment, deals & much more.If you have noticed, a sponsored ad of the respective team is mandatory on the day of their match which usually stars the players themselves. This makes people aware of the respective sponsor of the team & their brand itself as well.Take a look at TATA IPL 2022 campaign #YehAbNormalHai featuring the magnificent MS Dhoni.

If we take a deeper look into the figures & statistics of IPL TRP, then a few days ago around 50 lacs of screens were watching IPL on Disney + Hotstar at the same time. Usually, the majority of screens have more than one person of different age groups watching the same. So if we multiply, approx. 15 million people watch IPL at the same time & mind that we are not including TV & other mediums of audio & visual telecast here. So, now you can imagine at what level such marketing works for brands including IPL with certainly a huge impact on itself & market both.  IPL or no IPL, an impactful advertising strategy is all a brand needs to create a revolution in its niche market. And if you think that your brand lacks the same, Rioconn can help you build one.

Khushi Kriplani
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