How Reels Are Changing Our Real Life?

How Reels Are Changing Our Real Life?

There is not a single soul who hasn’t heard the song – “Main Tera, Main Tera, Main Tera”. Even hardcore Indie lovers might have to listen to this dreadful song (No offense) over and over again on their Instagram feed. But that’s how Instagram’s algorithm works.

After the Tik Tok ban, Mark Zuckerberg immediately launched the short video feature – Instagram REELS. (Well, who doesn’t love a brilliant opportunity!?) Now, you can hear that robotic voice “How did I go from this.. to this..!” even from a passerby’s phone.

While Tik Tok was working like a charm for big brands, Instagram Reels is opening new avenues for small-time players as well.

Without driving the audience to a whole new social media platform, Reel’s feature is working wonders for some of our regional clients such as TGB, Tirupati Edible Oils, and others.

Instagram is pushing video content more than anything. And it is changing our content consumption habits as well. A platform that started as a pure photo-based social media app is now turning into a video-friendly marketplace. Thousands of thrift shops are making reels using influencers and profiting. But what does it hold for big national brands?

Just like Tik Tok, Reels thrive on trending video formats. But so far, it is not working THAT GREAT for big names. Of course, there were many popular campaigns like HDFC’s “Mooh Bandh Rakho” that won countless awards. But did you really see a non-influencer using the filter and the theme song? Nope!

Agencies are yet to crack the code for viral content when it comes to Instagram reels. Instagrammers are not dancing, influencers are. Instagrammers are not using brands’ theme/campaign songs, influencers are. So, what are Instagrammers actually doing? They are still exploring!

As a 360-degree advertising agency, we suggest devising a strategy for reels before pushing your brand towards it. If you can devise a solid digital strategy to use REELS to its full potential, we never know, you might go viral too! 😉

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