Glancing Back, Gazing Forward


Glancing Back, Gazing Forward

How quickly has the year passed! And yet, some memories of 2021 seem too distant. Well, at least this mixed bag of a year is finally over.

Up until now, we were in the pursuit of peace, health and wealth (in that order), it seems we can expect a lot of surprises from 2022, starting with #Omnicron.

Although the exponentially rising infections are a cause for worry, the most hopeful news has been that it is likely less severe than the second wave. No reason to drop your guard just yet but let’s have faith in the promise of tomorrow.

I’ll level with you, I have an optimistic outlook for the year 2022 for I believe it will bring about some fundamental changes for the better in all the industries, starting from Infrastructure. In fact, the government will inject significant investment in this sector owing to the upcoming state elections. Some key projects will get significant push as we’ll strive to surpass the 7.5% growth achieved in the year 2021 with many large projects coming to fruition that started earlier in 2020 / 21. Since good infrastructure is not only the engine of economic growth, it is also the rallying point of this government.

As for our industry, digital will further entrench its roots and expand its reach. According to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts Report, digital advertising is set to exceed 60% of global ad spend for the first time in 2022, reaching 61.5% of total expenditure. Further in digital I anticipate the following: 

  1. Digital & Social Media Marketing will become more self-aware and outcome centric.
  2. Facebook is not going anywhere, it’s going meta – promising enhanced experience & effectiveness 
  3. Though minimal is a mandate, long form copy and videos will rule the year. 
  4. As LinkedIn goes vernacular, its utilization will become more vital with an independent strategy around it. 


With consumer sentiments turning positive and brands’ willingness to spend more on advertising, things seem to be on the mend for now. I foresee the number of pitches will go through the roof, and the teams with the right talent and processes will do wonders in 2022. 

Wishing you all a very prosperous 2022. 

By : Hemaang Gandhi

Hemaang Gandhi
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