TV And Web Series — A Way To Go In Marketing!

TV And Web Series — A Way To Go In Marketing!

Moment Marketing – New Way Of Marketing

TV and Web series are something which are trendy and interesting at the moment. There are reasons for a brand to start off with digital marketing through TV and Web series, but the major one is the connectivity and the power of choosing the audience. Brands started using it as a new way of promoting their products and creating a brand image among the large masses.

Apart from this, there are other external factors like sports, sitcoms, films, news, memes, and various challenges, etc that are integrated with the digital medium. These factors are new ways to advertise a product or a brand. One of the recent examples is of the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, which was recently used by many brands on various platforms.

Series came to spotlight!

It’s a given fact that in recent times TV and web series have gained tremendous popularity. The demand is not just among youngsters but also among the brands. Whether it is an Indian or Western series, brands have made a point to use them at the right time.

Recently, some of the most used series by the brands for marketing are ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘FRIENDS’. These series are equally popular in India and Western countries. Therefore, brands use such series for better connectivity of their products.

Let’s have a look at a few of the advertisements which have integrated these series in their communication!

Game Of Thrones

Durex — The brand created a buzz on social media by using GOT for its product Durex extra. The fan’s disappointment for the GOT climax was used here. It shows that maybe you are disappointed with the GOT climax but Durex will never disappoint you. Btw, this was not the only creative made on the theme of GOT by Durex.

Oreo — They made a whole new Introduction video of GOT using biscuits and cream to give a starkly winter feel. There are quite a lot of details recreated in this video.

Sacred Games

Swiggy — The brand used one of the most popular dialogues, ‘Yeh Kukoo Ka Jadoo hai’ from Sacred Games, for better connectivity with the audience.

Mother Dairy — They also did something similar to Swiggy, just tweaking the dialogue by the lead character in sacred games. Which later turned out to be an evergreen meme-generator topic.

Series do have a long way to go and so does the branding through it. A brand uses popular series for its own benefits and that is a good choice, as half the job is already done with the series already being popular. This is also known as Moment Marketing. It capitalizes on having just the right message at the right moment, while it is always magically spontaneous.

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