Can A Pandemic Like COVID-19 Change Indians And Their Mindset Towards Society?

Can A Pandemic Like COVID-19 Change Indians And Their Mindset Towards Society?

Can A Pandemic Like COVID-19 Change Indians And Their Mindset Towards Society?

Even amidst this chaotic situation, somewhere deep down we are rejoicing the delightful chirruping of the birds, the whistling sound of the fresh breeze, and the raindrops splashing on our window glass. Now that nature is healing itself, and has given us some time to introspect our lives, let us look back and think what has been our approach towards our existence; today it has become burdensome for us to stay in our homes, and protect ourselves and others.

India, a country known for its rich culture of collectivism, is somewhere also evidently displaying its culture of indiscipline, by thoughtlessly neglecting the steps proposed by the government to combat COVID 19. With our laid back approach towards problems, we wait for the moment when someone says “Pani sar se upar ho gaya hai ab!”.

Till the situation is not at the worst stage, we believe it is not bad enough for us to take the necessary actions.

Fearless Or Foolish?

In August 2006, TOI published an article “Most Indians Lack Self-Discipline”; sadly, one cannot disagree, and still in 2020 the situation hasn’t changed a lot. With our innate quality of curiosity, we have been reaching new heights of successfully, but our thirst to explore and experience everything, has taken a negative shape. During this pandemic, few of us are fearlessly roaming the streets, knowing the dire consequences. Is this really our curiosity or is it our foolishness?

However, the forced lockdown announced by the Indian government has been received positively by most of us. Majority of us are now taking the precautionary steps of protecting ourselves and others. Well, not like we have an option here!

The Privileged And The Underprivileged

An essential question for each one of us is “Is the lockdown a question of survival for me?”. There are high chances that if you are reading this, the answer is no.

The lockdown has further self-evidently divided the citizens into 2 sections; the privileged, the ones who are educated and have good jobs, with a sufficient bank balance. On the other hand, there are the underprivileged people of the society who survive on their daily wages (aaj kamaya, aaj khaya, literally).

Most of these people are jobless and homeless. Now, as wise citizens, the least we can do is contribute money to the COVID 19 fund and stay indoors and protect ourselves and them.

We should be fortunate to have a roof over our heads and money in our pockets. 

As our country is growing at a fast pace towards modernization, there is less we can do to avoid health problems and other crises. Nevertheless, there are 2 ways in which we can address the future problems in a more prudent approach: 

  • The Wise Way Out: Self-Discipline: To tackle any problem, the first thing we need is self-discipline. As of now, we lack even mere discipline. Even after being given a set of instructions to be followed for our own safety, we do not take it seriously. Hence, there’s an urgent need to teach discipline to ourselves and our coming generations.

There’s a wise old saying by William Feather, If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us.” Let’s do our bit and practice discipline religiously.

  • Improve The Infrastructure : Improving the infrastructure is not only the government’s responsibility, but ours too. As civilized citizens, the least we can do is not vandalize public or private properties. During protests and riots, we display our fury and annoyance by destroying the properties we ourselves would need later.


No matter the size and population of the country, we must be ready to fight any catastrophe, any pandemic! 


Like it is wisely said, there’s always something good in everything. Let’s take this as an opportunity to come out stronger, wiser, and more responsible. 

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