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The Internet has come a long way since its inception. Blogs were popular once but with the rise of social media platforms, the popularity of blogs has dropped. People prefer watching video content, which is much more engaging, over reading. We can safely say people are reading less than they used to. So, in this age where TikTok content is rampant, where people aren’t reading as much as they used to, and where attention spans are dropping, is long-form textual content that begins with a hundred-word paragraph to establish the context that has already been established in the title, still relevant?

In the initial days of the internet before the advent of so many social media platforms, people blogged as a hobby to share their experiences, opinions, and knowledge. People would share their travel logs, their family recipes, their opinions, anecdotes, and other boring stuff. Fortunately for us, the scenario has evolved over time.

While it used to just be a platform for people to interact with each other by sharing stuff like travelogues, food recipes, and other useless content, today it has taken the form of a way more meaningful, authentic, human, and creative interaction: Brand Blogs. So, let’s take a look at what these revitalised new-age blogs have to offer.


Long Format

Blogs fill quite a unique space that other media can not replicate. They give writers a platform to share longer, more in-depth content on topics they care about. For instance, a 15-second TikTok would only allow a person to say “Christopher Nolan is underrated.” But a blog allows them to share a step-by-step guide to following their nightly celeb-worship ritual. It provides them a space where they can stretch their generic tweet containing generic opinions into 800 most generic words.


People want original and fresh content and that’s exactly what blogs offer. People have already read “Hard work is the key to success” on five other websites. Now, they want to read “Toil is the path to goal-attainment” on the sixth one. That’s what the readers love! That’s what originality is all about! Remember the two pillars of originality: Synonyms and Metonyms.

Finding Solutions

People use the internet to find solutions to their problems and offering solutions is exactly what blogs today do! There is nothing people love more than finding out that the answer to each and every problem they have is very simple: buying a product or service from the brand’s website. It alleviates the stress they face. People don’t need to worry about practising a certain skill anymore, they know all they need is another “masterclass” that’ll take them from “zero to hero” in “just 2 hours.” Imagine what Shakespeare could have achieved if only he had attended a workshop. In fact, blogs actually solve all of their problems by teaching them an important lesson. The ultimate lesson: That all sorts of human interaction should always be backed by the motive to generate profit.


People want to consume content that gives them unique insights. They want to read stuff that exposes them to new opinions, new perspectives, and new information. Blogs offer them exactly that by compiling a list of three tweets and calling it the “internet’s reaction”.

They also get to read an article written by an 18-year-old intern who has half-baked opinions and quarter-baked writing skills and thinks he is the cleverest person on the planet for pointing out a flaw instead of actually writing something that’s better. He thinks he’s extra clever for calling out his bluff.


So, are blogs here to stay? Are they relevant? Maybe. Maybe not. But what we can say for sure is that blogs occupy this unique space in the market called ‘the first 10 pages of Google’ where they bury independent writers who do stupid stuff like not plugging their brand shamelessly at the end of each blog.

Blogs also offer a uniquely exciting chance for people to read an 800-word article that ends with the writer not answering the title question. Because it’s the pointless copy-pasted journey that matters not the concrete destination that would solidify the writer’s opinion on a vague uncertain topic.

So, if you want your brand blogs to not suffer the common pitfalls and if you want them to be actually original, creative, relevant, and most importantly human-written, Rioconn is the agency for you! We work with you to make sure the blog fits your brand personality and achieves all your business goals while ensuring that the blogs are meaningful, have some personality, and have a good reason to exist.

Just because I make fun of something, doesn’t mean I’m any better. There’s your lesson kids, don’t be parasocial.

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