Why Identity Design in Ahmedabad Is More Important Than ever?

Why Identity Design in Ahmedabad Is More Important Than ever?

After the COVID-19 wave in 2020, businesses have shifted online to survive the economic downturn. And an online business needs a unique identity to be recognizable and to be popular. We all know the basic of brand identity, but small businesses are unable to realize the importance of it. And just make do with the logo design in ahmedabad. That’s why we are going to jot down a few points which will help you understand why having a unique Identity Design in Ahmedabad is important. But before that let’s understand the brand identity itself.

What Is Brand Identity?

The common misconception is that logo is the brand identity. Whereas, a logo is just the starting point of building identity design in Ahmedabad. It is essential to apply your brand values when it comes to logo design. You can also incorporate visual elements that represent your business or the USPs. But it’s the job of a top creative agency in ahmedabad to choose the right elements. 

Apart from a logo design, many materials require a consistent approach. Those materials are as follows:

  • Business cards
  • Stationary
  • Print materials such as brochures and more
  • Signage
  • Product packaging, if any
  • Apparel for employees
  • Website

5 Reasons why identity design is important

  • Personality

Just like an individual’s personality, a brand needs a personality too. And it is developed through a visual representation of the values. Identity design basically, sets the tone of your brand which evokes some specific feelings in your audience. Your logo and other branding material should send a common and clear message as to what you want to promote as a brand. So, your business goals should be defined to create a unique yet simple personality. 

  • Consistency

Apart from logo design, brochure design in Ahmedabad is very popular due to easy availability. And it also helps in being consistent in your communication, especially for B2B businesses. The importance of a consistent message across various marketing channels helps set a style and design that create a cohesive brand identity.

  • Recall value

A consistent brand identity helps your audience recognize you, given that you offer an excellent product or service to them. So, next time you are looking for a top creative agency in ahmedabad, be sure to ask for their research methodologies on making a brand identity easily recognizable with an impact. 

  • Differentiation

Even in niche markets, competition is becoming stiff. That’s why identity design becomes crucial to set yourself apart from the competition. Moreover, in the race of monopolizing the industry, small businesses are connecting with their audience through a unique set of brand identity. Which makes this time the right time to build an identity design in ahmedabad to beat the competition.

By : Devanshi Varandani

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