A Walk-through “The Push-kar Mela” Of Rioconn

A Walk-through “The Push-kar Mela” Of Rioconn

A company’s culture is the bloodstream of that organization. But for an advertising agency, it is the soul. You see, it is the company environment that holds the creative juice. The continuous communication between different ad professionals squeezes out the best of ideas. But the culture at Rioconn is a tad different. 

Is continuous communication with your peers, hectic work hours and craazzzyy deadlines the real agency life? Well, maybe yes for every other agency but not for Rioconn. Some of the greatest campaigns do not come from random conversations, late-night brainstorming sessions and last moment changes. Some brilliant ideas hide beneath the silence of quiet corners, some morning meetings are more productive than others and discipline with proper management work like a charm to whip out real advertising solutions.

Rioconn has a corner for everyone who harbours different work tactics. The nerd corner for those who need silence to catch that big idea, the social networking corner where the social butterflies thrive and the work-mode corner where sheet gets done (pun intended) at a Fevikwik speed. Rioconn is an advertising and communication company that has become home to many because of these unique corners. Everyone can be themselves without a single ounce of judgemental glances. And everyone indulges in their own way of having fun. (Mostly food)

Sampling Here And There

As ad professionals, we know the importance of doing research and testing out ideas before turning them into a huge campaign. One of the simple methods to test the feasibility of a campaign is through SAMPLING. Agh, statistics, long-lost brother of mathematics, do we really do such a boring thing in our office? Yes, but it’s not boring if your sample population is from Rioconn.

Rioconn employees’ are the target audience for any campaign. The great Indian consumer lives inside the walls of Rioconn. Be it dramatic fans of The Big Boss or intellectual peeps from Christopher Nolan movies. Be it, obsessive shopaholics or caring family men. Be it, extreme foodies or strict diet planners, you will find the right sample inside the office itself. 

Making Ideas Smooth AF

Another thing you will notice in a #RioKeLaal is the constant need to sharpen a perfectly good design/copy. We call it “The Big Push” That goes without saying, ideas have to be absolutely perfect before rolling out in the digital market. One mistake in a creative can cost you a client. But how an agency with huge clients smoothify the sheer amount of advertisements every day. Simple, self-criticism followed by opinions of the team.

In Rioconn, every employee’s opinion matters and is equal. That’s the beauty of a flat structure, you can walk up straight and say, “I don’t think this idea will work” Your opinions are always heard and the seniors ensure it receives a proper justification. 

Aaj Kon Party De Rahaa?

This question is probably everyone’s favourite and you get to hear it every single day at Rioconn. When we say every day is a celebration, we mean it literally. You see, we have these cool rituals where we throw random parties to celebrate the smallest of personal/professional achievements. 

If we win a client, we bring in a cake. Someone is welcoming a new-born baby? We bring in a cake. Client rejected someone’s idea?  We bring in a cake (a small one) to lift up their mood. We are always high on ideas, sugar and pizzas. We explore Zomato and Swiggy for cool new restaurants and puns. There’s not a day that goes bland at Rioconn.

One For All, All For One

Remember those unique corners mentioned above, that’s not the only best quality of Rioconn. The best is the people, #RioKeLal that’s what our boss calls us. Rioconn takes care of employees like the true asset they are. They feed us like a baby and scold us like one too. There’s always something to learn from each other and from our mentors. 

We stay late just to give a friend some moral support and we share meals like a family. We back each other in times of trouble and we add value to an idea every time. That’s why we say “An idea at Rioconn belongs to the entire team who worked hard for it”

By : Dewangi G

Dewangi is an ad professional with a knack for executing any idea. She’s an avid reader and sings occasionally. When she is not reading, writing, executing or singing, she is probably lost in a daydream where she is saving the world through her superpowers.


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